A streaming service
like no other

  • We understand that streaming is your passion, but it can get expensive
    Enable monetization from the very first stream.

  • We think the your viewers should have the best experience possible
    All streams have video quality settings.

  • Publicity is the key to success, and shouldn't be reserved for the highest earners
    We have a whole host of publicity options in the pipeline!

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Monetize and Analyze

Tools to grow, right from the very start

  • Monetize

    No need to jump through a specific hoops to monetize your stream.
    Enable the tip jar from day one

  • Analyze

    Who's watching? What happened and when?
    Perfect your streaming using fine-grained analytics

Manage many, many manage

Streaming these days isn't always just you and a single channel.

  • Manage Many

    Sometimes you may have two channels, sometimes more!
    Set up a network and control multiple channels under the same account

  • Many Manage

    Variable permissions for easy delegation.
    Easily configure revenue split across your entire network

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